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Making sure your home is well insulated is a need, especially during the cold winters that Colorado gives us. If a home isn’t properly or thoroughly insulated, cold or warm drafts can sneak in, making your energy bills skyrocket in their attempt to keep the homes’ temperature to where you set it.

Aurora Hills Insulation is here to make sure that your energy bills stay low all year round. We’ll achieve this by providing you with top-quality insulation and installing it for you. We’ll make sure that every drafty space and surface area is well-sealed with our professional insulation installment methods. With each service, these benefits are included:

  •        Quality Insulation
  •         Top-Market Tools and Equipment
  •         Free Estimated Quote
  •         Experienced and Professional Crew
  •         Exceptional Customer Service
  •         No Hidden or Surprise Fees
  •         Fully Insulated Home!


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 Insulation We offer?

With the growing list of insulation, it can be hard to know which is going to be the best for your home. We’ve made it simple for you and have provided the top three types of insulation that are going work creditably for your household.

Blown-In Insulation

works best at fitting into hard to reach areas and sealing small cracks and crevices. This remarkable insulation consists of small particles that expand once blown in. Usually made from fiberglass, rock wool, or cellulose; these materials work efficiently at locking heat/cool air in and does not support mold growth. Because this insulation requires special equipment to install, we’ll be happy to do it for you.

Spray Foam Insulation

is similar to blown-insulation in the fact that it seals tight-fitting areas and expands after being installed. This insulation is our most effective air barrier, making it the most expensive as well. Spray foam consists of two types of expanding cells, open-cell and closed-cell. Open is made from air while closed is made from gas; the closed-cell spray foam yields a higher R-value and works better at locking in air. Both types are going to thoroughly insulate your home and lower your energy bills.

Fiber-glass Insulation

is the most widely recognized and commonly used form of insulation. Its popularity comes from the fact that it’s consistent through the years in thoroughly sealing the home and is extremely budget-friendly. Even at a low price, this insulation yields a high R-value and is easy to install. The quality of this insulation depends on how well it’s installed. If it was installed carelessly, the R-value will lessen, resulting in higher energy bills. No need to worry, we’re here to make sure that every inch of your home is properly insulated and the insulation is where it needs to be.

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