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Blown-in or loose-fill insulation is the perfect material to use if the area you are insulating is hard to reach or unsuitable for other types of insulation.

Because of the special equipment required to use this insulation, Aurora Hills Insulation Company is here to install it for you. Our professional and knowledgeable crew will make sure every drafty area is well-insulated.

After we’re finished, your home will lock the heat in like it never has before. But, that’s not all; upon hiring we will include the following:

  •         Top-Quality Tools and Equipment
  •         Experienced and Professional Crew
  •         Exceptional Customer Service
  •         No Hidden or Surprise Fees
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What Is Blown-In Insulation?

Blown-in Insulation consists of small particles that expand after being installed. Made up of either foam, fiber, or other materials, this unique insulation conforms well to tight spaces without causing any damage to structures or finishes.

Because of the different material making up blown-in insulation, it can be hard to know which the best for your home is. Three main materials are used for blown-in insulation; fiberglass, rock wool, and cellulose.


Fiberglass is the most widely used and popular blown-in insulation to use. Its rich density, easy installment, and high R-value, all make this material a great choice for your home. Fiberglass insulation does not support mold growth and does not settle or shrink.

Rock Wool

Rock wool insulation is equally qualified and is the preferred material in new homes. It has a high mass value, making it a wonderful sound barrier. Rock wool is eco-friendly, consisting of recycled materials. It does not support mold growth and is an excellent life-long insulation choice.


Cellulose insulation seals well around plumbing and electrical outlets because of how versatile and maneuverable it is. Made with 100% recycled newspaper this insulation is as eco-friendly as it gets, while still efficiently forming an airtight blanket around the home.

Why Choose Aurora Hills Insulation For The Job?

Installing Insulation is an important task that doesn’t leave room for error. That’s why when insulating the home you should always look to the professionals, and we hope you look to us Aurora Hills Insulation will make sure that your home or building is 100% professionally insulated. The overall R-value of your establishment will not lessen because of inexperienced hands but stay at its highest rating.We will provide a sufficient amount of insulation that your home requires so that no area is missed and every cavity is thoroughly sealed. We make sure of this so that your energy bill doesn’t go higher than it needs to and that no drafts seep through the walls.

All the equipment and tools we use are of the highest quality so that no malfunctions happen on the premises. These machines help us provide you with the best results for your home; results that a rented, lower-quality machine is unable to produce. Our experienced crew knows how to correctly handle all equipment so no accidents or damage occurs to your home or property. With our top-industry tools and equipment, we’ll have your home thoroughly insulated in no time!Are you ready to make your home comfortable and safe for the cold season? Hire Aurora Hills Insulation today to get started!